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Digital Signage applications, the fourth screen in our lives after TV, movie & mobile phones could be encountered in shopping malls, banks, hospitals, universities, sports venues, hotels, chain retailers or simply anywhere in daily life.

Digital Signage is a broadcasting system enabling you to deliver any digital information, advertisement and message to your target audience with higher quality visuals, content and offering you easy access and management from multiple points both online and offlin.

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Promotions with Current and Interesting Content

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Promotions with Current and Interesting Content

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Promotions with Current and Interesting Content: You can enrich your content with the applications integrated with the management panel, and with high quality broadcasts and rich visual content, you can communicate your message to the target audience in the most effective way.

Besides high material costs, traditional advertising solutions like outdoor billboards are insufficient to deliver the right message to the right target audience on right time in a highly digitalized world.

Digital Signage applications are driven forward by some key features like easy content transfer & update on digital environment, center management of multiple end points and different messages on different locations.

Customize your broadcast stream: You can group your entire broadcast stream by location and time, and you can forward the correct message to the target station at the right time.

Boost Your Promotions Efficiency with Publication Reports

Boost Your Promotions Efficiency with Publication Reports

Boost Your Promotions Efficiency with Publication Reports: You can measure the effectiveness of your promotions with detailed reporting on content delivery and feedback.

In todays digital world where all industries way of doing business and all people’s way of living is being rapidly changed by digital transformation triggered by mega trends like Internet of Things, Mobility, Cloud Computing; the usage areas of Digital Signage applications are becoming widespread and technological infrastructure continues to develop.

Save on printing and distribution costs of traditional methods: Pixage offers a much more flexible and cost-effective solution than printed images and advertisements. You can instantly manage all your broadcast streams and messages over a centralized system.

  • Access from anywhere: Easily reach the Pixage management panel via PC, Tablet and Phone, with a user-friendly interface; you can manage your content anytime, anywhere.
  • Broadcast Schedule: You can schedule the content specified by the broadcast schedule to be broadcasted at the desired time and on the screen.
  • Player Grouping and Tagging: You can easily manage location and time-based content by separating your content into groups with tags.
  • Live Broadcast: You can display live broadcasts in HD quality
  • Social Media Integration: With Twitter and Instagram integrations, you can make your content more engaging.
  • Air, Currency, Road Status Integration: You can access the dynamic data such as exchange rate, road and weather via the system, you can add broadcast stream.
  • 4K Content Broadcast: You can make remarkable promotions with your high quality videos.
  • Multi-User Support: You can define as many profiles as you want with the authorization options.
  • Transition Effects between Content: With transition effects between templates you can make your broadcast flow noticeable.
  • Error Reporting: On-screen display and broadcasts are continuously provided on the system. A daily error report is sent when an error is encountered on the display and broadcasts. It can also be monitored at any time via the dashboard in the system.
  • Remote Software Update: Remote software update feature keeps your screens up to date at any time.
  • Emergency Management: You can activate your message for emergencies at the touch of a button.
  • Interactive Experience: With touch-based application and template triggering support, you can offer a much more engaging and interactive experience for your organization.