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Promena E-Procurement + E-Sourcing + e-Auction + e-SRM

Streamline your purchasing operations from esourcing-to-payment. Promena allows you to track all the procurement cycle in real-time to get the most through the procurement system.
Clearing the Path to esourcing & eProcurement and Paperless Bidding | Paperless Procurement | Web-based Purchasing
Going paperless in purchasing is easy and comes with many benefits with Promena.

With Promena Purchasing Software you can do more with less time and resources.

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Kummerk is a Consulting firm specilized in Operations, Engineering and Commerce.
Promena USA - Kummerk - Strengthen and Generate value to your Supply Chain

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eSourcing Software & more

Promena USA is excellence in Supply Chain Management. We offer esourcing, eprocurement and epurchasing services that helps you with your tactical or strategic purchasing activities. We offer both, software-services and professional procurement activities relating to sourcing and supplier management.
Promena's overall information architecture provides a strong baseline from which procurement organizations can manage multiple activities, including sourcing event creation, supplier on-boarding, and basic product and catalog maintenance.
Promena USA team will help your company to reduce, man-labor, overall costs and tighten your focus on core competencies.

Promena USA purchasing team objective is add value to your Supply Chain.


RFx and eAuction Software

Through Promena, you can provide the most efficient improvement in costs, productivity, transparency and risk management parameters within your supply chain. This is the best way for companies to experience digitalization in procurement. Our top-down approach makes the entire platform more configurable and thus more broadly useful, as seen in how its category management structure cascades down into the various applications. In addition to this highly configurable environment, admins can set up hundreds of clearly defined roles/permission levels out of the box, giving users access to as much or as little of these capabilities as needed.

Promena USA and Mexico teams have the most up-to-date technologies of our time. Promena Modules: eSourcing | eProcurement | eSRM | eSpend Management

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ePurchasing Software

Maintain all your procurement processes in an online environment with Promena e-Procurement Software. From source to pay, go-paperless with Promena purchasing software and spend management solutions. Maximize the value of your purchasing activities with real-time supplier collaboration.

Manage the spend by supplier, product categories, purchase requisitions, RFI, RFP, RFQ’s, Auctions, PO’s, Approval workflow in a system integrated with your ERP's supply, distribution and finance modules.

Promena e-Procurement promotes business efficiency towards Industry 4.0, and facilitates the process of transition from Tactical to Strategic Procurement electronically and paperless. Join a World-Class Procurement-Evolution with Promena.


Promena Purchasing Software and services

Total Control

Purchases or B2B sales are made easily and without delays, anywhere, anytime and from any device.
Promena is Transaparency, Cost Reduction, Internet-of-things and is very easy to use.
Request Information, Evaluate, Audit, Search, Bid, Compare and Purchase supplies, products, raw materials and services within a world-class platform.
Promena is Purchasing, Sales, e-Commerce and it is Advanced Supply Chain.


Access Promena wherever you are. The flexibility in accessing Promena from anywhere in the world and from any mobile device promotes an efficient cycle in the process of evaluating bids and perform value-add purchasing.

Promena can be used through the internet on a PC, tablet or mobile device.

Process Agility

Promena streamlines the purchasing cycle by reducing the common delays that affect procurement in the bid analysis process and its approval.

Promena strengthens the visibility of detecting expenses that should not be authorized due to the lack of an adequate evaluation and selection process.


Promena strengthens data intelligence in areas such as daily performance, contract management and price negotiations.

It allows you to evaluate and monitor the performance of your suppliers, improving long-term relationships.

Promena Modules

Promena is built with modular functionality.
All modules are integrated to each other.
Its Modules are easily integrated into your ERP or legacy Software.
Promena is offered On-Demand by event, by period License or through Outsourcing Services.

Promena-Procurement Spend Dashboard

Promena Big Data

Strengthen your Reports and Analyze all procurement activities within the Spend-Analysis business intelligence platform on a single screen.

Promena eAuctions

Strengthen a competitive, transparent and fair environment through the one of the six e-auctions types for Purchasing or Sales.

Promena e-Sourcing

Manage your Request For Proposal (RFP), Request for Quote (RFQ) events on-line, in a state-of-the-art purchasing integrated system.

Promena SBM - SRM

Gather up-to-date information about your suppliers and take actions over the risks and areas of improvement in your supply chain.

Promena RFx

Standardize the sourcing and purchasing process, strengthen process automation and reduce bid-to-pay cycle times.

Promena e-Procurement

Work-Flow Approval Process Automation. Automate the approval or reject work-processes, reduce workload and save processing time.

Minimize Over-invoicing Risks and Reduce Costs with Promena.

Overpricing is detected instantly. Streamline procurement processes, reduce labor, obtain greater visibility and control what you pay.

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About Promena E-Procurement

Promena E-Sourcing Spend Analysis

Promena Spend Analysis

RFx - RFI-RFQ-RFP-E auction Promena


AviX SMED demo

Promena E-Auction

Promena Numbers

9 billon USD annual.

..and going up

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4900 e-Auctions annually

Reverse and Forward e-auction in six formats

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+25,000 Registered Suppliers!

Europa, Asia, America and Africa

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